Being greedy

I was greedy today and splurged on myself by getting a whole new skin care line. I know greedy is a bad word but sometimes in its more contemporary and off-hand use, it can mean to be goal-oriented, go-getter and what I’ll be talking about: to fully revel in what you’ve got. For example, Priyanka Chopra described herself as being “greedy” in an interview when she said she wants to do it all – sing, act and model in both bollywood and hollywood.

I grew up with the good value of appreciating having enough which has kept me pretty satisfied and content in life. Yet I’ve enjoyed getting my feet wet in hints of selfishness as long as they don’t infringe on the rights or feelings of others. I’m talking about saying yes to taking (rather than, or at least in reciprocation of giving) once in a while when it’s offered. Choosing to spend more time with a friend you get along with total ease. Saying yes to treating yourself when you deserve it. Giving importance to yourself and your dreams. I’d want to be greedy in spending a whole day playing with my nephew and reading his favourite books. I’d want to be greedy in investing a little bit into products that make the quality of my life better.

In the context of this post, I’m down for being greedy when it comes to things that make you happy and help your life be more meaningful.  When you have greed it means that you have wants and goals. It means you have a spark in you that wants to grow. Let it become a flame that guides and motivates you but keep it in a safe environment so that it doesn’t burn others or even yourself.

Lately, I’ve been greedy when it comes to painting and haven’t talked to you guys here in so long. Thank you for being patient and still sticking around. I keep coming back because of my friends that continue to support me. You mean a lot to me! As always I welcome your input! So what are your thoughts on “good greed”? Is it possible? What are your favourite things that tempt you to be greedy? Binge-watching Netflix? Staying in bed all day to read a book? Splurging on your favourite dessert? Something even better?


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