Besides my name, I would typically answer that question with the following: I’m a psychology grad who has worked with youth, seniors and other community groups for the past several years. My interest in humans and our relations, our desires, our deep truths and our ever-changing self-realizations both calms and fuels my curiosity. I am interested in learning more about our motivations and actions as well as ways to make the quality of our life better. Whatever I learn, I’ll be sure to share that with you along the way.

I love people and while I claim to love helping people, I know that my role can only be supportive and we must help ourselves. I also love writing, but more than that I love listening (and reading). That is why I have created this space for all of us to share our stories. I promise that simply writing down your thoughts can make you feel lighter and even improve your health – both temporarily and long-term.

In its own perhaps a very small way, this page attempts to cheer you up or at least share some life tools with you so you can be the one to cheer yourself up anytime. I want each of our everyday stories to inspire us and make us feel connected. The goal of this page is to find a hint of light even in a dark day. Psychology has taught us that whatever we focus on, our life becomes it. Let’s focus on the highlights and they will become our life.

Welcome onboard for my misadventures and ramblings. Feel free to voice your criticism and feedback – I will be grateful for your help in enabling me to grow.


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