To blog or not to blog?

What is blogging and why do people really do it? I can’t speak for anyone else but myself (and for my husband at times). Personally, I started blogging at a time when there was a gap in my employment/study timeline for something productive to happen, and it just seemed like all the clues in the universe were pointing towards this to happen. It was kind of like when Phoebe from Friends thought that it was time to go see her dad when she sees signs for it everywhere.

PHOEBE: No, ’cause you just said “dad” and everywhere I go today I keep getting signs telling me to go see my father. Like when I was walking over here and I passed a buffet…which is my father’s last name.

I had mentioned to a close friend that I wanted to write one day and being the good friend that she is, she kept checking in with me every few days for a few weeks to ask why I hadn’t started it yet. When another friend suggested the same to me, I knew it was a sign! Making the decision and getting started with good supporting friends around me, I was just excited and nervous to get started but had not thought this through (like most other decisions of my life). I hadn’t asked myself, ‘why am I really doing this?’ I knew this decision was more than just to keep myself busy, because I know I can watch Netflix and Youtube all day. Also, it was more than just for writing practice, because I already wrote frequently whenever I felt the need to, even if it was in my phone or a random word document.

1. So, why did I start this blog?
It was only until I couldn’t think of any topics for my posts I really wanted to write about that I also started to wonder about why I am getting stressed out about not updating my blog frequently. I had to go back to my initial idea for this blog, which was to keep learning and sharing what I learn with you. That reminder took some pressure off of my shoulders and I could write again.

Speaking of learning and sharing, I will share with you what I have learned about blogging so far, which I admit is far from any expert knowledge you can get from anywhere else. Here are my two cents anyway:

2. Should you blog?
That’s it. Did you think there would be more to my answer? Nope, sorry. I don’t have any conditions, thoughtful advice or fancy charts. I feel fortunate to have a number of friends and family members who have also started their blogs. Whenever people ask me if they should start a blog, my answer is always yes. If you are even considering it, it usually means you already have a desire to say something, which covers my next point.

3. Why should you blog?
You should blog if you are passionate about a topic, any topic, that you don’t mind sharing with the world. You will get a lot of practice for writing if that is your passion. You can help others. You can establish a name or portfolio for yourself. You can make money down the road (although I’m not exactly sure how) and I would put this as the last probable reason. Most of all, however, blog for yourself because it makes you happy.

4. Why should you not blog?
You will be spending considerable time writing and/or researching your topic (hours per post, if not more), exposing your thoughts and activities to anyone and everyone who may read it and feeling vulnerable, planning your future posts, stressing out about your old posts, looking back and grimacing at your really old posts, wondering if any non-family members are actually reading your blog and maybe comparing yourself to the endless list of blogs out there.

5. Okay, so then should you or should you not blog?
If the stress of point number four is more than the reward of the point number three above, maybe you wouldn’t want to put yourself through the trouble (unless maybe you would, who am I to decide that for you). On the other hand, if you believe that the reward is worth all the risks, go ahead and I wish you best of luck.



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