Live your first day

Live each day like it’s your last. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. But have you heard that you should also live each day like it’s your first? Of course, that would be given that you’d still have your capabilities, skills and personality that you have accumulated so far. Actually, yes, there is a similar saying and it goes like this: today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I believe that context is everything — everything that can hold us back. Context, or in other words what happened yesterday, is often just a subjective narrative of our life in our minds, which can include elements such as anger, resentment, failure, inadequacy and boredom. Doing something for the first time adds heightened excitement and a sense of mindfulness, which are definitely good ingredients to have on hand. Side effects may include feeling more adventurous and open-minded, as you will be willing to try new things, having shed your pre-conceived notions.

Don’t you sometimes wish there was a way to hang on to those few fleeting peaceful moments when you first wake up in the morning and your brain doesn’t fully register where you are, where you’re supposed to go and who you’re supposed to be mad at? Well, you can try. Starting your day as if it’s your first will make you more self-aware and give you a fresh narrative on life. Do you think most people wake up angry or depressed or does that kick in as your mind returns from its resting state to one that tries to bring the memories to the surface? I think more often than not, it’s the latter. By being aware of this and trying to exercise control over it, we can help our mental wellbeing rather than harm it. In high school, I did an art project on a quote that I still think about almost daily; it goes, “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory” (Albert Schweitzer). I definitely have the case of bad memory, thank God.

My momma always says that she tries to wake up each day with a clean slate, leaving yesterday’s troubles behind. Does it mean you don’t learn from your mistakes? No, you do learn from them, but then you let go of the residual feelings of shame and anger and whatever else typically accompanies your mistakes. It also helps to know that everyone is trying to do the best they can for themselves, given their circumstances. It makes forgiveness and understanding a lot easier. As I’m trying to grow as a person, I’m trying to shift from a justice-at-all-cost mentality to a more diplomatic one where relationships come first. Oh, but the struggle is real. I would like to come back to this post often and remind myself of what I just preached. Sometimes I think I write just so I can tell myself something good and carry out a thought without getting distracted by anything shiny (like TV & phone) . So I must come back to this when I’m feeling burdened by mistakes of the past. If I remember.

On a side note, my highlight of the day is going to be in a few moments when I will (hopefully) press Publish instead of Save Draft, as I have been doing for too many days now. I got out of bed for this after all. Hope you enjoy, and thanks a lot for keep on checking my blog even when I don’t have the courage to press Publish. Your presence means a lot to me! Yes, I’m talking to all 15 of you readers who are mostly family and friends. XOX.


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