Choose Happy

Beautiful post by a beautiful person who wrote what I wish I could’ve written. I needed a pick me up today, and this did it! Hope it does the same for you all. Choose happy. xox

farhana choudhry ☕️🌸

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 

Like most people do, I struggle with happiness and staying positive. People have the tendency to say happiness is a choice and I believe that but I also believe that you need to wake up every SINGLE day with the conscientious decision to be happy. How? Here are five things I intend on doing.

  1. Be grateful and count your blessings – Focus on whatever bit of positivity you have in your life. Tune your thinking to focus on the positive aspects of a situation (I know easier said than done). Think of reasons to be grateful.
  2. Make a gratitude journal/jar – This is something I started and forgot about. Basically, you write things you’re grateful for every day, it not only forces you to look at the bright side of things but it can help you…

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