Just do it

“It’s so late. I’m not going to get any sleep now!” I whined, not being able to fall asleep for a long time and setting my alarm with less than 5 hours to go before I had to wake up.

“Just don’t think about it and get whatever sleep you can. You will be fine.”

Somehow that simple yet timely advice seemed to calm me down and put me to sleep. The next morning I woke up and for the first time in a very long time, I did not count how many hours I had slept. Using my phone for an alarm clock I have gotten into the habit of counting hours every night and then again in the morning. Overthinking isn’t exactly the best sleep remedy and I would also let the number of hours determine how I would feel and how much I would complain about the lack of sleep (amongst other things) that day. 10 hours was a really good day, 8 hours was just enough and anything less than 6 hours was a good reason to feel tired and grumpy all day.

I think the advice I got about not thinking and just doing what I need to do relates to mindfulness, because I chose to accept my circumstances without judgement. As for the sleep, my day was great and I had a lot of energy and a lot of fun. The advice also did something rare and sunk in and kept me contemplative all day. For the first time, I understood Nike’s tagline. Chores, working out, writing or whatever else you need to do… just do it, without too much thought and planning. It’s the best advice anyone could’ve given a procrastinator like me. I hope to apply it to my writing as well. I can plan and think and worry and chicken out before getting to write, or I can just start typing away with the hope that it takes a shape of its own. Even though I’ve written this high on Nyquil, I’m just going to press publish. No biggie. Even if it just makes sense in my head. Just doing it.


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