Let your heart say yes

“Life is a helluva lot more fun when you say yes rather than no.” (Richard Branson)

The last few days I’ve had the opportunity to see Chicago from a new perspective. Thanks to my friend and her amazing planning skills combined with extreme flexibility and spontaneity we have had the time of our lives exploring the city on foot, public transit, car and soon by water.

I used to be very rigid with my planning and felt that I had to follow my plans or chaos will ensue. When I used to hold youth group meetings I remember the hardest thing to plan was “unplanned discussion” – until I learned to let go and started to enjoy the disorder in spontaneity. Most of the best things that have happened to me in life have been unplanned (by me). I don’t want to undermine the importance of good preparation – that is surely what prepares us for what comes our way, I just want to highlight the importance of seeing all that comes our way after the prerequisite knowledge.

Preparation tells us when to say yes to a situation, as long as we keep an open mind. For example, saying yes to a stranger asking to borrow your car would be quite silly. However, saying yes to feeding a homeless person when you are walking to work may be a rewarding experience. It’s true that the same experience can harden one’s heart or soften it.

Soul searching, difficult experiences in life and awareness of our world should be reflected on to guide our heart to say yes to the right situations. Closing our hearts to new experiences only brings us discomfort and doesn’t let us see beyond what it is that we intended to see, hence we don’t expand the breadth of our knowledge.

I’m glad that I said yes to taking a walk through the city on this cold windy evening in Chicago, or I would have probably missed out on many amazing memories, breathtaking views and reflective moments. So when your brain says it’s the right thing, let your heart say yes. You never know what an interaction, place or lesson may do for you – it may just change your life.


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