A time before this

Today I had the luxury to visit a doctor in America for a regular check-up. It’s about time that we chose a family doctor here and we found a new one close to our place. She happened to be very friendly. It seemed like I was talking to a friend and before I knew it the hour was over. Yes, I said one hour. One whole hour talking to a doctor. I discussed all my ‘problems’, even the ones I hadn’t talked about or even thought about before. Every time I would go quiet, she would very politely and attentively ask me again: so do you have any other problems or questions? I was surprised at all the questions and concerns that kept popping up in my head even though I had a list of just a couple of items that I had brought with me to discuss.

She noticed the pattern after a while and smilingly assured me that pressing on the side of my neck can feel more sensitive than the front and it’s completely normal (you’re welcome, now you know). It made me realize how many things can jump out as problems if you are looking for them. It made me reminisce of a time when I was much younger and much more naive and life seemed so much more hopeful and less challenging. At times, I wonder if life has become a lot more complicated now or if we notice and dwell on problematic things a tad bit more. Maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Can you recall the simple times from your childhood when you trusted your friends because pinky promise was a real thing? Or when you could watch TV and get lost in it without noticing how unrealistic it is for Tom and Jerry to be playing together? How about when we got yelled at from elders or got into a fight with a sibling or a friend and got over it and forgot all about it within minutes rather than weeks, months or years? Yes, the good ol’ days when I didn’t have to think hard about whether I had any other problems that weren’t coming to my mind at the moment.

If you can remember any special moments like that, hold on to them and let them remind you of the simplicity of life. Not everyday can be like that, but maybe once in a while, we can have a simple day where we only notice and carry with us the things that please us and discard the ones that don’t.


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