We travel distances. We buy gifts. We learn likes and dislikes. We fantasize. We change ourselves. We take out time from leisurely things. We dress to impress. We put up with nuisances and quirks. We forgive transgressions. We check our Facebook feed several times a day. We call people. We visit them in sickness and celebrations. We do all sorts of things to create and maintain connections with other people, but what’s in it for us?

Attending a social dinner tonight and being in a very happy mood, I noticed all the laughter around me. Turns out even the proclaimed introverts (ahem) are happier when they’re with others (that they like) as compared to being alone. Positive emotions are evoked with socializing and that is also related to better memory and better overall health. We pick up on new perspectives. We ‘catch’ positive feelings. We feel better about ourselves. We feel loved.

All of these are benefits money can’t buy and worth putting in the effort for. So next time if you’re wondering if you should message your friend to meet or not, chances are they feel the same way. Try to hang on to the healthy connections and let go of the ones that are harmful.


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