Table for one

At any given waking moment, we have a choice between at least two things… unless you’re doing a multiple-choice test or you’re at a buffet.

“Table for one?” asked the hostess promptly as soon as I walked in the door. I stumbled for an answer for a couple of moments, caught off guard by the quick assumption. What if I was just dropped off at the door and was waiting to be joined by someone else? On a beautiful spring day. I could just be a diva.

Her glance is now moving back and forth between me and the people forming a line behind me, so I quickly answer faking a confident smile, “Yes, please!”

I think to myself: “Just pretend like you do this all the time and no one will know the difference.”

All this struggle just to accomplish a goal on my to-do list: eat at a sit-in restaurant (not just fast food) on my own. The events of the day threw a lot of options at me today, and this was one of them. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat, and next time there will be no need to fake a smile.

Not only did I pick a restaurant without any external influence (besides yelp and google, of course), I made up my own mind about the foods I enjoyed and the ones I didn’t. That’s saying a lot for someone like me who gets influenced very easily in subtle, usually subconscious ways by whatever and whoever is in the surrounding environment (#PeoplePleaserProblems).

I smiled just thinking about what my husband would say, lovingly and jokingly, about the amount of cilantro on my plate, the weird order of dishes I chose from the buffet, and the ones I didn’t end up finishing. All in all, I enjoyed the food in its purity and dare I say my own company!

My highlight of today was taking a moment to evaluate my choices and making the right ones for myself. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Table for one

  1. Qayyum Debrosse says:

    Sometimes it’s a much needed task that we keep putting away.. To sit-down with your self and collect your thoughts and yourself , glad you enjoyed your company,inspired by you I am putting it on my to do list 😊 hopefully soon I will make time to sit down with me .. Excellently done..kudos 👌


    1. highoftoday says:

      Thank you for you comment. You should definitely do that. It’s a great way to appreciate and treat yourself. You’re doing this only for yourself, and how often do we do something purely for ourselves? I hope you enjoy it as well and have a blast! I’d love to hear all about it 🙂


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