A light a day…

When you close your eyes tonight, what will be the moment that will make today worth it? Perhaps a sight, a word exchanged, a thought, an idea or a lesson learned…

For me, a highlight or a high + light is just that – highest moment of the day that shows us some sort of a light to make us love life in today, not in what we have lost in the past or what we have yet to gain in the future.

My moment of the day has to be finally thinking of a way to try to make this world a little bit happier, brighter and more connected. I want to help people. I want to share my deep happy secrets. Most importantly, I want to hear about what makes your world go round each day.

I want each of us to light a candle even on our darkest days to see what we still have. If we all light a candle everyday, the world will surely be a brighter place! (or to rhyme, less grey?!)

It’s these moments that lead to peace, happiness, scientific discoveries, better relationships, health and a new way to life. It also makes us realize what habits, people and things make our list, and what we’re wasting our energy on.

So, what was your high(light) of today?


10 thoughts on “A light a day…

  1. HZ says:

    My highlight of the day was spending some quality time with my wife and enjoying the city that we live in. We’re truly blessed 🙂


  2. SM says:

    What a wonderful idea for a blog 🙂 My highlight of today was taking some time out to read about the life of the fourth khalifa, it really helps to boost my faith and makes my whole day a little brighter 🙂


    1. highoftoday says:

      Thank you for your kind support SM! 🙂 I love your highlight! I remember reading A Man of God (by Ian Adamson) and felt my life change for the better from that day on. Thanks for reminding me of it and brightening up my day as well! 🙂


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